Known as the Athens of South America, Bogotá has an extensive educational system of both primary and secondary schools and colleges. For more information about Colombia check this website: or if you want to know more about Bogotá click on this link:


Bogotá is the capital
of Colombia.
The official language is
The currency is the
Colombian peso  (COP$)
1$US ~= 3800 pesos
The population of Bogotá
is about 8 million people.
The city lies at an average
altitude of 2,640 meters
(8,660 feet) above sea level
The city has a subtropical
highland climate. The average
temperature is 14.5 °C (58 °F),

Where is located?


Chia is a small town about 8 kms. north of Bogota. It is very close to the University, about 5 minutes by car, which make access very easy and quick. Life in Chia is very peaceful. Public transportation from Bogota to Chia is only available until 10:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and until 11:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

The city has a subtropical
highland climate. The average
temperature is 14.5 °C (58 °F)
Is located just 15 minutes waking
from the Campus




Share with a
local family


Breakfast and
dinner included




Laundry once
a week

Homestay offers an opportunity to share with a family and an easy way to know and adapt to the Colombian culture. The families are rigorously selected to ensure friendly, comfortable, clean, safe service, and easy access to public transportation. Students can choose accommodation in Bogota or Chia. The service includes: individual rooms, breakfast, dinner, laundry once a week, cleaning service to the room once a week and Internet.


USD $250 per week

(Each additional night US$36)