The Trinity CertPT for English language teachers is a professional development program which leads to an internationally recognised certificate. In line with up-to-date ELT pedagogy, the program enables in-service teachers to evaluate, adapt, create, use and reflect on effective teaching resources which are specific to their own teaching context, thereby helping them to become more effective in the teaching and learning process.

Date:  Part I: March 20 - April 28, 2021  - Break -  Part 2: May 15 to June 16 - 2021.  

Price: $ 5.328.000 COP / 1.400 USD aprox. You can pay in two parts: Part 1: 2.664.000 COP, 738 USD aprox. / Part 2: 2.664.000 COP. 738 USD aprox.


The “Best Teaching Practices and Tips for the Online Environment” micro-course will help participants set an inventory of practices and patterns that may be successful in an online learning environment. The course also helps participants assess best practices that prove effective in an online learning environment. 

Date: March 15 – March 23, 2021

Price: $360.000 COP/ 100 USD aprox.

The “Instructional design models & Pedagogy in Technology for EFL” course will guide you on how to integrate and differentiate instructional design models for the language classroom. It also explores technological tools for language learning skills development.

Date: March 15 – April 12, 2021

Price: $ 960.000 COP / 267 USD aprox.

The “Essentials for CLIL implementation using technology“ course will help participants become more confident and secure when using and/or incorporating technology in their lessons.  Participants will also learn about best practices and strategies that will enhance the diverse CLIL teaching scenarios.

Date: May 10- May 24, 2021

Price: $720.000 COP - USD 201 aprox.

The International Center Foreign Languages and Cultures (Universidad de La Sabana) welcomes you to register in our “E-Tutoring Course” online course series, designed exclusively to help you optimize your teaching skills in the online world.  

Date: April 19 - May 24. 

Price: $1.800.000 COP . USD 500 aprox.

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