Between traditional and modern

Built with the most traditional architecture, our campus has been transformed into a modern campus with big buildings with modern classrooms. There’s a synergy between green areas and buildings so the student can live a real campus experience.


Provided with the most nutritive meals, our restaurant are indoors and outdoors. Includes food from breakfast to dinner and with different diets for everyone. We have also coffee shops with typical bakery and sweets.

Sports facilities

We have soccer fields for 11 vs 11 and 7 vs 7. A gym full equiped which includes clases all day. Oriental campus has courts for playing tennis, basketball, volleyball, dance and soccer tennis.

Comfortable Classrooms

• Resource center, tutoring, access to the virtual platform
• Use of technology
• Student-centered classes
• Modern, dynamic methodologies adapted to students’ needs
• Spanish courses that meets international standards
• Highly qualified, experienced teachers