Students can start their Spanish course once:

  1. Perform registration (link below).
  2. Full payment of the selected weeks.
  3. Have Student Visa or Permit stamp Entry and Stay (PIP 2): Student Visa or Permit stamp Entry and Stay
  4. Have accident insurance and health: Please ensure that the health and accident insurance is valid during the period is in the country and has adequate coverage .

Note that both the visa or permit PIP 2 and insurance are required to start the course. If you do not have either of you you can not take your classes.


Both for Student Visa to Permit Entry and Stay (PIP 2), the University of La Sabana will provide the necessary documents so you can perform the procedure at the embassy or consulate, as appropriate.

The student visa is preferably processed in their country of origin and requested when taking courses with a duration of 3 months onwards.

The Entry Permit and Stay PIP 2 admission is requested at the airport once the country pass through immigration. In this case only require confirmation letter from the University of La Sabana. PIP 2 permission be given to students taking courses lasting a maximum of 90 calendar days.

Note: Please check if required tourist visa to visit Colombia. In this case it will require a student visa if your course is less than 3 months.


Student Visa

Students taking a course at our university for more than 12 weeks (3 months) or need a tourist visa to enter the country time must apply for a student visa at the embassies and consulates of Colombia abroad or in the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Colombia.

We recommend obtaining a visa before arriving in the country. To apply for the visa, students must print the letter of acceptance and Certificate of Existence and Legal Representation of the University.

Seal Entry Permit and Stay (PIP2)

Students who undertake a Spanish course at our university for less than 12 weeks time and not required to process a visa to enter Colombia as tourists must apply the stamp Entry Permit and Stay (PIP2). & Nbsp; This seal is obtained & nbsp; showing the letter of acceptance from the University of La Sabana to the immigration officer at the airport in Colombia.

NOTE: If the student is in our country stamp tourist (TU) and decides to take a Spanish course at our university, should contact the Office of Migration Colombia to request change to Entry and Stay Permit (PIP2).

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