The general objective of the course is to improve the communicative competences in Spanish and the intercultural
competence as well.


Theoretical and practical sessions with a communicative approach in which the students work on the four language skills (listening, speaking, writing and reading) and learn an appropriate range of grammar and vocabulary in accordance with the topics studied in class.


• Improvement of the Spanish communicative competence
• Ample acquaintance with Colombian and Latin-American
• Immersion in the Colombian culture

Volunteer work

It relates to social work led by non-profit organizations near the University. Volunteers will be able to have a firsthand experience working with children, teenagers and social vulnerable people. It is an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with the local community. The work comprises six (6) hours a week in the afternoons.

+ Cultural outgoing

One of the most interesting benefits of this experience is to visit one of the huge list of cutural places inside Bogotá. There are museums, parks, monuments and Mines. Most outgoings are free and some might imply extra cost.


15 hours / week


9:00 am - 12:00 m
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Monday to friday

Spanish Level

Measured by
Placement Test


A1 to C1 according to CEFR
(Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)




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General Course $ 1.000 USD per cycle (5 weeks / 12 hours per week)
Specific Course $ 250 USD per week (15 hours per week)
Specific Course $ 204 USD per week (12 hours per week)
Study Abroad $ 4.660 USD per semester (20 weeks / 15 hours per week)
Gap Year $ 8.200 USD (40 weeks / 15 hours per week)
Homestay $ 250 USD per week
Airport pick up $ 50 USD per ride

+ Cultural & Sports Activities

As part of your cultural inmersion, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of sports and cultural courses as latin dancing, photography, painting, cooking, singing, piano, guitar, swimming, tennis, volleyball, among others. Some classes might imply extra cost (around 50 USD a semester)

*Availability depends on the institution's activitites programs*