We offer homestay with selected families, hostels, hotels, and apart hotels in Chia and Bogota.


Bogotá is the capital of Colombia. It is a large city with close to 8 million inhabitants. It offers a great variety of alternatives for recreation, sports, arts, culture, night life and gastronomy. To learn more about Bogota, go to


Chia is a small town about 8 kms. north of Bogota. It is very close to the University, about 5 minutes by car, which make access very easy and quick. Life in Chia is very peaceful. Public transportation from Bogota to Chia is only available until 10:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and until 11:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.


Host Families 

• Bogotá: USD $230 per week (additional night USD $36)

• Chía: USD $230 per week (additional night USD $36)


Includes: Single room, shared bathroom, breakfast, dinner, WiFi, laundry once a week, cleaning service to the room once a week Does not include: lunch.


Administrative and Logistic Coordination
Phone: (+57) (1) 8615555, 8616666 Ext.: 41338
Mobile: (+57) 3209467094


Homestay where students can share families’ lives. The families are rigorously selected to ensure friendly, comfortable, clean, safe service, and easy access to public transportation. Students can choose accommodation in Bogota or Chia. The service includes: individual rooms, breakfast, dinner, laundry service or an available washing machine. Most families have Cable TV and Internet.


• Bogota: USD $250 per week (each additional night USD $36)

• Chia: USD $250 per week (each additional night USD $36)

Hotels and apart suites

Bogotá has an enormous variety of hotels of all types and price ranges.

We can provide the information for those interested in this option and can help with making the reservations.


If you prefer independent living quarters, a hostel may be your best option. It’s less expensive than a hotel and offers the same services. Prices vary according to the location and the additional services they provide.

We can provide information to those interested in this option.