Networks and Associations


SÍGUEME program is a student mobility agreement. It offers greater academic enrichment possibilities and openings for undergraduate students of the universities participating in said agreement. The program offers the possibility of studying one or two semesters in one of the 11 Colombian universities with institutional accreditation that are members of the FOLLOWME agreement, and in this way, complete the study plan while sharing with students from universities in the country that are highly renowned for their academic quality.


The Red Colombiana de Profesiones Internacionales, was founded in June 2005 by the EAFIT (Medellín) and Tecnológica de Bolívar (Cartagena) universities calling on ten undergraduate programs at national level whose educational activities focus on international professions and careers. The network was subsequently constituted in 2006 through an academic cooperation agreement, integrating other international academic programs in Colombia from the economics, political science, international relations, and business studies disciplines in higher education institutions in the country.


The purpose of the Red Colombiana de Relaciones Internacionales is to strengthen international research in Colombia, establish regular communication flows and channels between professors and researchers from the diverse international relations programs in the country, and positively influence national debates on world politics. At the same time and due to its multidisciplinary nature, Redintercol invites professionals from related areas to get involved in the academic discussions proposed in its regular activities.


The Academy of International Business (AIB) is the main association of international business academics and specialists with 3,112 members in 86 countries worldwide. Members include academics from the main institutions, as well as consultants and researchers. They are world leaders in the creation and spread of knowledge and research on international business and policy. AIB transcends the borders of individual academic disciplines and management functions to improve education and business practices.


The Colombian Association of Business Schools (ASCOLFA for its Spanish acronym) integrates the country’s business studies programs and directs its academic efforts towards coinciding with changing times, knowledge development, and the current educational trends closely related to the country’s productive sector, within a framework of ethical, ecological, and professional values. It acts as a representative before the public and private sectors for the benefit of its members and the country of Colombia.


The Virtual Institute is the UNCTAD program that provides support to universities and research centers. Created in 2004 with universities from five countries, within ten years the Virtual Institute has become a global network made up of 101 universities and research centers in 52 countries. The main purpose of the Virtual Institute is to help developing countries formulate evidenced based policies that lead to inclusive and sustainable development. To this end, the Virtual Institute trains academic institutions to educate qualified leaders, and at the same time, contribute analysis that backs up the elaboration of economic policies in their countries.


The Latin American Council of Management (CLADEA for it Spanish acronym) is one of the most important business school networks worldwide. This international organization provides a global cooperation system and maintains reciprocal membership links with the world’s main academic institutions. The executive body is made up of the President, Executive Director, and Executive Coordinator, as well as of an Executive Committee, Academic Committee, and the executive HQ team, which is responsible for the marketing and communications areas. Currently, CLADEA has 226 member institutions – both private and public – from Latin America, North America, Europe and Oceania.


The European Foundation for Management Development is a globally renowned business education quality accreditation organization, with established accreditation services for business schools and business studies programs. EFMD has 800 international members belonging to the academic, business, public sector, and consultancy areas in 81 countries. Membership in this organization offers a unique opportunity to participate in information forums, research, networking, and best practice and innovation debates. Additionally, EFMD works as a platform to connect with world leaders in business.