Universidad de La Sabana’s School of Engineering, jointly with the School of Medicine, the University Hospital (Clinica Universidad de La Sabana) and the Fundación Neumológica Colombiana, developed a fast-track prototype of an invasive mechanical ventilator, capable of providing the respiratory support required by COVID-19 patients in respiratory failure to preserve life.

The initiative originated after the University Hospital was designated as sentinel hospital for the Cundinamarca state, to provide support to possible Coronavirus cases in the North Bogotá region and the región, on a critical race against the virus that has already taken several lives in Colombia and thousands all around the world. “With and interdisciplinary team, we have designed and fabricated an invasive mechanical ventilator for COVID-19 patients. It’s a simple, low-cost device, that meets the functionalities and standards required for this type of patients”, says Obdulio Velásquez Posada, Rector of Universidad de La Sabana.