Take one or two semesters at a university abroad, advance your curriculum while living an intercultural experience and building an international professional profile that prepares you for the world.

La Sabana has agreements with universities in the United States, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, South Korea, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Perú and Uruguay. It is possible to access face-to-face English learning and improvement programmes, as well as online IELTS preparation courses. 

The partner universities of La Sabana offer short courses during the intersemester period, which are open to our students.

Attends one or two semesters at a Colombian university that is a member of the agreement. Advance your curriculum while sharing with students from other universities and getting to know other cities in the country. Prerequisite: You can apply from the 3rd semester onwards

Both the faculties and the University organize academic trips abroad, with visits to universities and public and private organizations in the host country.

You can travel to a university with which there is no agreement or the existing agreement does not provide for student mobility, so you pay tuition at the host university and credit approval in La Sabana.

Finish your undergraduate degree at La Sabana by taking the last year of a program with another type of degree (e.g.: Undergraduate-Masters) at a university abroad in agreement and receive the respective degree from each university.

Engineers with an international profile:

The Faculty of Engineering of the University of La Sabana, through the International Relations Office, helps its students to design and build their personal and professional life project with an international profile. It promotes various academic activities such as bilingualism, the use of ICT, interaction with the international academic community on campus and abroad, research projects with foreign allies, participation in international networks and associations, faculty-led programs, summer schools abroad and on campus, scholarships opportunities among others. 

Our students share their experiences

The Engineering Faculty has more than 80 international academic cooperation agreements in North America, South America, Canadá, Australia, Europe and Asia. The students receive advisory in the application process to scholarships to do an exchange semester abroad, a double-degree program or to find an excellent postgraduate program worldwide. 

The internationalization of research and the curriculum is promoted through various academic activities, in which students, professors and researchers strengthen academic ties with their peers abroad.

Mobility opportunities

Our teem

Ángela Jiménez Gómez

Manager of Internationalization, Engineering Faculty



Mateo Barón Rojas

International Accreditation Coordinator, Engineering Faculty



Diana Vanegas Quiroga

Assistant of International Relations, Engineering Faculty