Faculty of Engineering

General Information the Faculty of Engineering at Universidad de La Sabana is composed of 6 undergraduate programs and 5 graduate programs. The undergraduate programs are Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Agroindustrial Production Engineering and Informatics Engineering. The graduate programs are Master in Processes Design and Management, Master of Engineering Management, Doctoral program in Biosciences, Doctoral program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Doctoral program in Engineering.

The Engineering Faculty aims to search, discover, communicate and conserve the truth in the fields of engineering, with an integrated vision of science, technology and society.

The Faculty's research groups have high-tech laboratories where research projects are developed. These projects host undergraduate students as young researchers, as well as master's and doctoral students. In addition, the Faculty of Engineering develops careers in association with industry and VISION – OTRI (Consulting and Knowledge Transfer Unit of Universidad de La Sabana).


Agro-industrial Production Engineering

This career applies Science and Technology to solve problems of products, processes design and management, related to the transformation of materials of biological origin, for the Agro-industry sector.

Industrial Engineering

This career educates professionals oriented to the design, management and optimization of production and logistics systems, both in the industrial and services sector. Contributing to the continuous improvement of organizations in local or international scenarios.

Informatics Engineering

This career generates Information Technology solutions with an integrated approach between business and technologies areas, responding in an innovative way to the needs and expectations of users.

Chemical Engineering

This career seeks the solution of problems related with the transformation of material and energy, designing products and processes using modern simulation tools with focus on green engineering.

Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineer is a professional who contributes with the development of projects in different areas, such as transport, urban planning, management, water resources, environment, geotechnics and structures, acting with ethics a

Mechanical Engineering

This career educates professionals oriented to the design and implementation of mechanical systems, optimization and automation of machinery and processes. The Mechanical Engineer will be able to work in the fields of energy, robotics, materials and manufacturing.

Doctorate in Biosciences

The PhD in Biosciences has a curriculum framed in the Faculties of Engineering and Medicine at Universidad de La Sabana. This program educates competitive national and global researchers with the ability to carry out and lead autonomously academic and research processes in the specific area of sciences related to Biological Systems, which lead to the generation of knowledge and its application in the field of health services, agriculture, industry/agroindu

Doctorate in Logistics and Supply Chain

This program tends towards the solution of high complexity problems related to Mega Logistics Systems, Macro Logistics, Meta Logistics, as well as Micro Logistics. This includes business systems, such as logistics systems (supply chains, military and humanitarian logistic systems).

The Doctorate is part of a global trend, where the performance of national logistic plays a preponderant role in economic growth, reflected in the expansion of trade, the diversification of exports and the improvement of response capacity, among others.

Doctorate in Engineering

The objective of the Doctorate in Engineering of the University of La Sabana is to prepare researchers with autonomy and scientific rigor, capable of responding to the needs of society with the generation of knowledge in the field of engineering, within the framework of sustainable development, innovation and social progress.

Master degree in Process Design and Management

This program educates professionals of engineering and related study fields, who need to intervene, and design systems related to the associated processes in the emphasis areas of the program such as Food, Bioprocesses, Logistics Systems and Chemical Processes. It enhance students to generate creative, rational and innovative solutions with the available resources.

Master degree in Engineering Management  

The program offers to graduate professionals from different fields of engineering or basic sciences, knowledge and skills to lead initiatives, technological management and innovation programs, that contributes to business and industry competitiveness in global environments and high demand of technologies with added value and intellectual capital.