The course covers main aspects within the field of Operations Management. The course starts with an introduction to perations Management and their linkages with other business functions and it seeks participants to understand the difference between product manufacturing and services operations, as well as to provide orientation on various issues related to operations design, planning and scheduling. Emerging concepts and trends in operations management will also be covered.

Temas Principales

Módulo 1

  • Relevance of operations management –competitive priorities – strategy etc.
  • Process- analysis – Services and Manufacturing
  • Forecasting
  • Planning (aggregate/ process)
  • Scheduling – ERP/ Technology – fundamental concepts
  • Location decisions
  • Techniques in Operations
  • Quality Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Lean Management
  • Supply chain, its design and integration

Módulo 2

  • Concept of bottleneck and capacity
  • Production and operations planning: cases of study
  • Production and operation costs
  • Management of waste in operations
V.G. Venkatesh, Doctorando
Waikato University

Rafael Henríquez
Universidad de La Sabana

 Idioma: inglés   No. horas: 60

 Horario: 9:00 a.m. a 1:00 p.m. 

 Inicio: martes 5 de junio Fin: viernes 29 de junio


  • AE: Gestión de Operaciones– 3 créditos
  • ANI: Gestión de Operaciones– 3 créditos
  • A&SI: 2 créditos electivos
  • AMLI: Gestión de Operaciones– 3 créditos
  • EYFI: 2 créditos electivos
  • GAS: Gestión de Operaciones– 3 créditos

Nota: Para hacer efectiva la homologación el estudiante deberá asistir a los dos módulos del curso. La nota final corresponderá un 40% a la evaluación del profesor V.G Venkatesh y un 60% a la evaluación del profesor Rafael Henríquez.