The Law and Political Science School of La Sabana University, aware that the Latin American region and, in general, the international community is facing political, economic and legal changes that require experts who dominate the overall framework provided by the contemporary International Law and who are able to articulate their main sub-specialties; consistent with the new scope of International Law as a transversal area currently and significantly shaping the legal and national policies infrastructure; aware of the growing importance of International Law for promoting local, national, regional and global development; committed to preparing professionals with humanistic education and high sense of responsibility and service to help achieve the necessary conditions for the common good of their countries, the region and the world, has resolved to offer the Master in International Law with emphasis on research or professional training (professionalizing mode), aimed at promoting a Latin American view of the International Law to provide better tools for professionals to respond suitably to the particular needs in that context and to make significant contributions thence to general International Law.

Excellence Scholarship

La Sabana University and the Icetex (Colombian Institute for Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad) offer Latin American professionals (other than Colombian citizens) an academic excellence scholarship, corresponding to 100% of the tuition for the Master of International Law and maintenance expenses.

Although for a non scholarship student this is a 2 years Master, the fellow can do it in one year because every month this student will take the respective courses and in the remaining weeks will work on the research and support the research group of the Master.

Who is eligible for the Scholarship?

International Academic Excellence Scholarship is aimed at Latin American professionals other than Colombian citizens who meet the requirements to join the Master’s program.

What expenses are covered by the Scholarship? - HEALTH INSURANCE: wide coverage in health care at national level only.

- ACCOMMODATION EXPENSES: COP 316,447.oo / USD 156 approximately, for one time only. - MONTHLY ALLOWANCE: a sum equivalent to three (3) Minimum Monthly Legal Wages (COP 1,848,000.oo - USD 911 approximately).

- ALLOWANCE FOR BOOKS & EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL: COP 316,447.oo (USD 156 approximately) for one time only.

- CONTINGENCY ALLOWANCE: COP 164,682.oo (USD 80 approximately) for one time only.

- TUITION: 100% coverage of all these costs awarded by the Colombian higher education institution (only for academic the programs listed in the offer).

What steps must be met for being eligible to the Excellence Scholarship?

1. When does the Master begin in 2016? The Program starts on March of 2016.

2. The first requirement is to have been admitted to the Master. All admission requirements to the Program can be found in the link: Admission Process & Requirements. The deadline for submitting documents and meeting the admissions process (including the interview) is Tuesday, November 17, 2015.

3. Once accepted, the candidate must apply for the "Beca Para Posgrado Extranjeros En Colombia" of the Icetex. La Sabana University will communicate the Icetex when the applicant has been admitted to the Master. The benefits, requirements and admissions process are available at: "Beca Para Posgrado Extranjeros En Colombia".

4. Should be selected by the Icetex, the Master in International Law will communicate the decision to the applicant.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us:

María Carmelina Londoño Lázaro, Director

Phone: (571) 8615555 / 666, Ext. 24226; Mobile: (571) 3212662628