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1. Law degree or related fields degree, granted in Colombia or abroad. Those degrees issued abroad must be dully apostilled.

2. Upper Intermediate English level: it could be accredited with the International Baccalaureate degree or one of the following tests: - TOEFL minimum score 78 - ITEP minimum score B2 - IELTS minimum band score 6 - FCE minimum grade A or B - International Baccalaureate English Speaker

3. Personal interview, personal statement and two professional recommendation letters.

4. Even though professional expertise is not an admission requirement, it is highly valued along the application process.


1. Application Fee:

a. Access La Sabana University website at and click Posgrados; there, click Maestría en Derecho Internacional; there, click Inscripciones abiertas para el 2016: Proceso y Requisitos de Admisión. You can also click the following link to start the application process:

b. Payment:

At any office of BANCOLOMBIA, you can deposit, on account PATE No. 20777 Recaudo Empresarial format, the application fee of COP 140,000 payable to Universidad de La Sabana. You must enter your identification number in the space provided for REFERENCIA, your full name and your phone number. Take into account the following recommendations:

When submitting your application online, the payment reference is the same number of your identity document.

Type the deposit reference number in the space provided and click the button to fill out the format.

Fill out the application form you find next, following these recommendations:

Fields marked with (*) are essential and must be completed.

Dates are typed in the format year/month/day (yyyy/mm/dd).

Verify that the information is correctly filled out.

You can also make an online payment through the PSE system found on the website.

The University will not refund the amount paid for registration fees.

24 hours after making the deposit, the registration form will be available. Fill it out typing your ID number without points, commas or dashes and click the button " diligencie formulario de inscripción."

2. Fill out the application form:

If the application is accepted by the system, three possible dates appear for the interview, from which you must choose one.The place, date and time for the interview as well as the needed registration documents appear.

For applicants who are not in the city, interviews may be scheduled via Skype. Please indicate such need to and you will receive the Skype user of the Master Program.

3. Personal statement:

At least 1 business day prior to your interview date, national and foreign applicants must email to a personal statement in which to express the reasons that encourage you to stand for the Master. This document is expected to include a statement about the suitability of the personal profile to apply to the Program; the importance of this training in your life project; and the consequences and social impact that may arise once culminated the program. This document is highly valued and is essential to introduce yourself at the time of the interview.

4. Interview and documentation:

a. The day of the interview, hand in the following documents: Two letters of professional recommendation in sealed and signed envelope by the sender. The content thereof is completely confidential. Enlarged photocopy of the identity card or foreign identity card for foreign students. Transcripts of your major or majors. Legalized photocopy of the diploma or graduation minutes of Law or related sciences Upper Intermediate English level international B2 Band that could be accredited with one of the following tests:

- TOEFL minimum score 78

- ITEP minimum score B2

- IELTS minimum band score 6

- FCE minimum grade A or B

- International Baccalaureate English Speaker Legalized photocopy of diplomas or certificates of higher education studies different from majors Valid labor certificate, if applicable (3) Three 3x4cm photos with blue background Original Curriculum Vitae (not photocopy)

b. If the applicant is Colombian citizen, he/she must hand the documents in at the Law and Political Science School (Master’s Office).

c. If the applicant is not Colombian citizen: Scan the following documents, which are required for the applicants admitted to the Program hence they are only needed at the beginning of studies, and send them to the Master’s email:

- Apostilled bachelor degree (or equivalent degree) that accredits him/her as professional.

- Photocopy of valid student visa.

- Photocopy of passport.

The Master in International Law highly values particular aspects for selecting candidates. Thus, it takes into account the personal statement, academic record, minimum level of English required, interview performance, professional recommendations and, although not an essential requirement, the job applicant's experience is greatly esteemed.

5. Interview Results:

Within the 24 hours after the interview, the applicant may be informed the results of the selection process via email sent from the Master’s email.

For further information you can contact Karen Triviño, Postgraduate Studies Promotion Coordinator.


Phones: (571) 8615555 / 666 Ext. 24504; Mobile: (571) 3212404121