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Bachelor of International Marketing & Logistics Administration (BIMLA)

High Quality Accreditation through Resolution No. 2288 by the NME on February 8, 2016 (for 6 years).

The undergraduate program in International Marketing & Logistics Administration understands that the global economy generates flows of goods and services among individuals, companies, countries, territories, cities and regions. Marketing is acquiring an increasingly international dimension. Logistics emerges as an administrative function that improves the value chain management of companies that, through the administrative process, deliver a greater value to the final customer.

Bachelor of Economics & International Finance (BEIF)

Qualified Registration through Resolutions No. 19204 and 14861 by the National Ministry of Education on September 11, 2014 (for 7 years).

The undergraduate program in Economics & International Finance understands that globalization and new trends in financial markets have changed production structures, generating increasingly competitive scenarios. Hence, the labor market requires new professionals capable of intervening in the economic and financial environment, its challenges, opportunities and risks.

Bachelor of Gastronomy (GAS)

Qualified Registration through Resolution No. 14122 by the National Ministry of Education on September 14, 2014 (for 7 years)

The undergraduate program in Gastronomy educates professionals with cultural, scientific and practical foundations, having as pillars cultural gastronomy, food science and technology and culinary entrepreneurship. It is an interdisciplinary program that understands gastronomy as a determinant of culture and as part of local, regional and national heritage.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

High Quality re-accreditation through Resolution No. 16775 by the National Ministry of Education on August 25, 2017 (for 6 years).

EPAS Accreditation by European Foundation for Management Development -EFMD, 2016 (for 3 years).

The undergraduate program in Business Administration understands that in a competitive and globalized environment, the economy requires proactive, creative, innovative professionals with initiative to identify social and commercial opportunities to develop them either within existing organizations or through new ventures.

Bachelor of Administration & Service (BA&S)

High Quality Re-accreditation through Resolution No. 09532 by the National Ministry of Education on May 11, 2017 (for 6 years).

The undergraduate program in Administration & Service is unique in the country; and it has been granted High Quality Accreditation. It pioneers the education of leading administrators on service and hospitality, with a strategic and humanistic approach. This program develops directive and managerial skills to meet the needs of individuals and organizations in a multicultural and innovative context. It understands service as the action of creating value for others.

Bachelor of International Business (BIB)

High Quality Accreditation through Resolution No. 13205 issued by the National Ministry of Education on October 16, 2012 (for 6 years).

EPAS Accreditation by European Foundation for Management Development -EFMD, 2016 (for 3 years).

The undergraduate program in International Business understands the global character of the current environment that forms a particular field of study in businesses marked by internationalization processes, and also applies concepts, techniques and administrative processes engaging with issues of competitiveness and internationalization.

Master in Operations Management

The Master in Operations Management, offered by the International School of Economics and Administrative Sciences and the Institute of Masters of EICEA, to contribute effectively to innovation and improving organizations, based operations on the dayThey gerencian a day in it, which added value to goods and services throughout the supply chain and all that it implies and requires around. The centerpiece of the Operations Department is the visionary and strategic professional seeking important productive, economic and social transformations in the pursuit of competitiveness and productivity in the organization where it develops and so satisfecer the requirements of the embedded business in society.

Master in Strategic Management

The Master in Strategic Management seeks to improve professionals in the field of management, so that they can formulate, develop and implement strategies effectively in business and social organizations in general, and conduct research in the field of strategic management oriented competitiveness. To do this, hopes to develop skills and abilities that allow graduates to manage and / or administer the areas of responsibility of organizations, strategic scenarios direccionándolas to high performance and value creation. With this perspective, it is expected to form strategic leaders with management, competent ability to articulate the vision of the organization and goals of people and achieve the committed participation of all stakeholders (stakeholders) in the pursuit of organizational goals.


We offer a portfolio of programs in areas of knowledge such as: Management, Finance and Economics and Engineering and Technology. These programs are characterized by their high quality, academic rigor and a team with business experience nationally and internationally.

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Master in Investment Management

The Master in Investment Management, aims to train professionals capable of making financial decisions with deep humanistic vision, scientific criteria and managerial skills that enable you to perform in an environment with asymmetric information, uncertainty and risk.

Master in International Management

The Master in International Management responds to the professionals need of seeking a posgradual training to enable them to face the challenges posed by globalization, openness and economic integration and markets internationalizations. Companies and organizations that support them require managers with global and multidisciplinary vision who can interpret the globalized international environment and formulate strategies to meet the challenges of contemporary management.

Master in Management and Human Talent Development

The Master in Management and Human Talent Development is focused on management skills and business management, deepening concepts, techniques and products by the disciplines of Management and Human Behavior. Students will be able to design and implement cutting-edge strategies and programs that actively involve people, contributing to the fulfillment of the business strategy in a global market.