Bachelor of International Business

The undergraduate program in International Business understands the global character of the current environment that forms a particular field of study in businesses marked by internationalization processes, and applies concepts, techniques and administrative processes engaging with issues of competitiveness and internationalization.

Thus, we seek to prepare managers with leadership skills and strategic and prospective world view, plus knowledge of multicultural, ethnic and foreign languages environments, so that they can promote internal and external changes in organizations and business in which they operate.


Bachelor of International Business. 


This program is subject to inspection and supervision by the National Ministry of Education.


This program has been approved for 6 years under Resolution number 13205 issued on October 16, 2012. Until 2018.


EPAS Accreditation by European Foundation for Management Development -EFMD, 2016 (for 3 years). 


Full Time.


Registry: $ 125.000 pesos/ 43 USD approximately.

The Program cost, per semester, for 2022 is COL$14.450.000 pesos / USD 3.814 aprox.

*Values are calculated at the foreign exchange rate of the transaction day.


Modification of Qualified Registry by Resolution number 8928 issued by the National Ministry of Education on July 15 of 2013.

Renewal of Qualified Registry by Resolution number 15766 issued by the National Ministry of Education on December 4 of 2012. For 7 years.

Renewal of Qualified Registry by Resolution number 9879 on August 22 of 2012. For 7 years.

Qualified Registry by Resolution number 5292 on November 16 of 2005.


This program is dictated in the Campus of Puente del Común, Km. 7, Bogotá. Chía, Cundinamarca, Colombia.  


University Professional. 


185 credits.


10 semesters: 8 for academic studies & 2 business internships. 


• Graduates of the International Business program may perform in diverse productive sectors organizations related to management, strategy, negotiation, innovation as well as international operation and trade.

• The international business manager can plan, develop, implement and evaluate globalization and internationalization strategies of companies which are required in trade exchange transactions, international transactions and transference of knowledge.

• As an advisor and consultant, the international business administrator can generate value in an environment of international business.

• As a leader, the international business administrator provides vision and business strategies to Colombian and worldwide business to improve society.

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The candidate to enter the International Business program must be a disciplined person, with a positive attitude, ability to work and interest and a propensity for commercial activity and negotiation. These conditions will allow the applicant to strengthen their initiative and entrepreneurial spirit and be able to discern and choose between different business opportunities.

The applicant must have a minimum capacity in the use of the English language -level B1.1. This requirement is given not only because English is the language of business, but because from the second semester the student will take courses in English. Additionally, it is a requirement of the degree in the program that each student must certify at least one B1 level in a third language that is the official language of a country.

Who aspire to enter the program must be a person with analytical and argumentation ability, ease of oral and written expression, interest in the handling of foreign languages, such that can communicate effectively and interact in teams.

The applicant must show an interest in the events and national and international news and to know other cultures. In addition, the candidate must have the ability to adapt to work in other countries and cultures.

In the same way, the applicant must handle the math and the basic technologies of computer science that facilitate the understanding and application of concepts for the solution of problems and decision making.


The professional of International Business Administration at the University of La Sabana is characterized by a solid cultural, academic, intellectual and scientific background, with a Christian sense of life, with values and virtues such as: freedom of thought, respect to the person, to plurality and diversity. With this training, the student will be able to give answers to their social context and interact in three languages in any environment, be it local, national or international. In addition, the professional will act with responsibility, positive attitude towards innovation and will take into account the ethics in their professional actions, for the construction of a more just, peaceful and supportive society.

The professional in International Business Administration has an understanding of the environment composed of the social, intercultural, political, legal, technological, economic and geographical variables where it is supported for the creation of competitive advantages for the benefit of the society that surrounds it, by thinking and acting with a local vision and global in business.

From this perspective, the professional in International Business Administration, is forged as an integral, creative manager, capable of analyzing, diagnosing, imagining, formulating, making decisions and negotiating to give solutions in the field of management that is his responsibility.

In addition, the graduate is a leader with a strategic vision of the world and spirit of service, because he knows and values different cultural and ethnic environments in which he interacts and seeks new opportunities that generate changes in the organization of which he is a part.


The administrator of the International Business Administration program, can work in organizations of different productive sectors related to management, strategy, negotiation, innovation and international operation and marketing.

In these organizations, the professional as manager of the international business can plan, develop, implement and evaluate strategies of globalization and internationalization of the companies, which are required in the operations of commercial exchange, international transactions and knowledge transfer. Additionally, the international business administrator will have the ability to express themselves in at least three languages and communicate in diverse cultural and technological contexts.

As an advisor and consultant, the international business administrator of La Sabana can generate value in an international business environment. As a leader, the international business administrator brings vision and strategies to the businesses of Colombia and the world, to improve society.

In the field of consulting and consultancy, the professional uses his knowledge in the development and implementation of international integration processes in a business environment. In this same sense, the professional seeks a quality management to achieve the competitiveness of organizations and contribute to their management, management and internationalization, innovating the processes within the international logistics chain.

Workshop: International Business Administrator for one day

Do you want to know what the International Business Administrators of the University of La Sabana do and how they are trained?

Attend the theoretical-practical workshop of being an Administrator for a day, where besides knowing the curriculum and interacting with professionals from the business market, you will know the options of scholarships and fundings, the option of double program and international mobility; in addition to the process of registration and admission to the program.

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