Bachelor of International Marketing & Logistics Administration

We are in the era of globalization, the rise of free trade agreements, the advance of economic opening, the development of information and communication technologies, we have a global economy that generates flows of goods services between people, companies, countries , territories, localities and regions, the marketing function is increasingly acquiring an international dimension.

On the other hand, Logistics emerges as an administrative function that intervenes to improve the management of the value chain of the companies so that through the administrative process a greater value is offered to the final customers.

The object of the bachelor of International Marketing and Logistics Administration at the University of La Sabana is to acquire the theoretical-practical knowledge of three specific knowledge: administration, marketing and logistics in the international context, approached with a multidisciplinary vision, contrasted with reality.

International Marketing and Logistics Administration: value generators for national and international markets, from the beginning to the end.


Bachelor of International Marketing & Logistics Administration. 


This program is subject to inspection and supervision by the National Ministry of Education.


This program has been approved National Accreditation for 6 years under Resolution number 2288 issued on February 8, 2016.

Member of Associations for Marketing programs (ASPROMER)

In April 2016 the Bachelor of International Marketing and Logistics Administration joined the association ASPROMER, an association which aim to promote the continuous improvement of the academic level in the education of Marketing, promoting among the associated programs curricular modernization, self-assessment processes and academic project advising.


Full Time.


Second Renewal of Qualified Registry by Resolution number 8597 issued by the National Ministry of Education on March 24 of 2018. For 7 years.

First Renewal of Qualified Registry by Resolution number 10440.  issued by the National Ministry of Education on August 30 of 2012.

Modification of Qualified Registry by Resolution number 8926 issued on July 15 of 2013.


This program is dictated in the Campus of Puente del Común, Km. 7, Bogotá. Chía, Cundinamarca, Colombia. 


University Professional. 


181 credits.


9 semesters. 


Registry: $ 125.000 pesos/ 43 USD approximately.

The Program cost, per semester, for 2018 is COL$11.980.000 pesos / US$ 3.975 approximately

*Values are calculated at the foreign exchange rate of the transaction day.


The administrator of international marketing and logistics of La Sabana is able to perform in various roles:

• As a project manager, he will negotiate with the different links of the general value system, nationally and internationally.

• As a supply chain manager, you will achieve harmony between the operations area and the commercial and marketing area.

• As area manager you can plan, organize, direct and control the commercial process of organizations producing goods and services. You can also achieve the optimization of logistics processes.

• As an analyst or consultant, you can carry out the design, development and evaluation of strategies and prospective marketing plans. Likewise, it will be able to investigate the needs and desires of consumers and plan strategies for their timely and reliable satisfaction, with an excellent level of service.

• As an independent professional, you will also have the possibility of providing consulting services in the aforementioned activities.

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The candidate for International Marketing and Logistics Administration program at the University of La Sabana, will be characterized by having very good academic results in the evaluation of the baccalaureate, showing interest in administrative knowledge and commercial activity, especially marketing and logistics, with curiosity towards the phenomena of international order. Must have the ability to apply mathematics to solve problems and interpret models that show the behavior of variables in a specific reality. Must have the ability to handle basic information technologies and communication systems. Capacity and attitude of multicultural interrelation and management of the discrepancy.


The graduate of the International Marketing and Logistics Management career at the University of La Sabana, will be a professional with solid principles and an integral vision of the organization for making decisions based on quantitative and qualitative information, capable of correctly articulating the interests of the areas of marketing and logistics seeking to achieve in the best way the objectives of the organization in a globalized, innovative environment and oriented to the improvement of the processes in the different areas of the organization.


The administrator of the bachelor of International Marketing and Logistics Administration at the University of La Sabana, can perform in various roles such as: Marketing or commercial manager; Logistics manager; Operations Manager; Consultant on issues related to marketing and logistics. You can work in companies dedicated to market research, analysis of market trends, design of marketing strategies, consumer analysis, as well as in free zones, ports, customs brokerage firms, logistics operators, operations consultants and marketing.

Workshop: International Marketing and Logistics Administrator for one day

Do you want to know what the International Marketing and Logistics Administrators of the University of La Sabana do and how they are trained?

Attend the theoretical-practical workshop of being an Administrator for a day, where besides knowing the curriculum and interacting with professionals from the business market, you will know the options of scholarships and fundings, the option of double program and international mobility; in addition to the process of registration and admission to the program.

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