Mobility Programs for International Students

Students from non-partner universities (free movers): 

This program is for students from non-partner universities who wish to to take courses at La Sabana for one semester or academic year. For this program, students must apply directly to La Sabana. In addition, within this scheme, students will study at La Sabana on a fee-paying basis and a transcript of records will be provided to all students; this can be used for credit transfer at their home institution. Please check information below for application process.

Students from La Sabana's partner universities (Exchange): 


This program is for students from partner universities who wish to to take courses at La Sabana for one semester or academic year. The application for this program must be submitted by the International Relations Office of the home institution. Applications submitted directly by students will not be considered. For more information please visit Study Abroad / Exchange Program.

Free Mover Program

For students who wish to take courses at La Sabana for one semester or academic year.

  • La Sabana application form (signed). Click here to download the form.  Please attach one picture to the form.
    • IMPORTANT:Applications that do not include the subjects for approval in the "Study Plan Proposal" section of the application form, will not be processed. Please keep in mind that, in most of the cases, international students are exempt from the subjects' pre-requisites. Therefore, do not take them into account when selecting the subjects you wish to register at La Sabana.
  • Please check the academic offer to complete your application form:
  • Copy of the biographical page of passport.
  • CV in Spanish or English.
  • Official transcripts. If in a language different from Spanish and English attach a sworn translation.
  • Motivation letter. 
  • One letter of academic recommendation (in Spanish or English) addressed to the academic program at La Sabana.
  • Language Proficiency:
    • For Spanish Taught Courses: Proof of Spanish Level (Minimum B1).
    • For English Taught Courses: Proof of English Level (Minimum B1).

Start your process at your Home University

  1. Contact your Home University and ask for internal requirements, documents and related. Please check process for credit transfer (If applicable).
  2. Check the academic offer from La Sabana.
  3. Check required application documents for the Free Mover Program.

Complete application Documents

  1. Complete your home university internal process. (If applicable)
  2. Complete all application documents.
  3. Submit your application La Sabana's International Office - Exchange Department via email at 
  4. Please check application deadlines.

Acceptance & Start of Academic Activities

  1. You must check your email; you will receive important information about the status of your application process.
  2. If you receive a positive response from the Universidad de La Sabana, you will receive an official acceptance letter. This document will contain important information regarding your exchange process.
  3. As an International Student at La Sabana you will have the following commitments and obligations:
    1. Assist to all orientation sessions organized by the Universidad de La Sabana.
    2. Attend to all academic activities.
    3. Handle all required documents for your exchange, e.g. International Insurance, Student Visa or Study Permit, within the requested deadlines.

Application deadlines for 2020

Application deadline for Spring Semester (January - May) 2020-1: October 31 (2019)

Application deadline for Fall Semester (July - November) 2020-2: May 4 (2020)


Passport will be the identification form. It is recommended to leave the original passport in a safe place and carry a legible copy.


  • Students from a country with which there is a visa exemption agreement and who are in Colombia for less than 180 days (6 months), must:
    • Enter the country with a PIP2 entry permit. This will be granted at the port of entry (Airport) when presenting the PIP2 letter sent with the acceptance documents. The PIP2 permit will allow the student to stay in Colombia for 90 days.
    • Upon expiration of the 90 days, students must request a PTP2 in Bogotá – Migration Extension, which will extend the stay for an extra 90 days. This process has a cost of approximately USD 30.
    • Students from Schengen Countries should receive a PIP5 permit. Upon expiration, please continue with the regular renewal process.
  • Students from a country with which there is a visa exemption agreement and who are in Colombia for more than 180 days (6 months), must apply for a VISITORS VISA. This process must be done prior to enter the country or up to 15 days after entering the country. Both ways are valid for visa exemption countries, otherwise, student must apply from home country before travelling.
  • Visa holders must then apply for a FOREIGN ID.This process must be done up to 15 days after getting visa stamp on passport.
  • IMPORTANT: Please check for regulations and penalties. There are specific times that students must complete according to Migration Regulations.

The Free Mover Program for International Students is a Tuition Based Program; therefore, International Students enrolled as Free Movers should consider a tuition fee per credit.

Tuition Fee Per Credit for 2019: USD 270 approx.

Contact us:
International Relations Office - Team
Telephone: +57 (1) 8615555 / 8616666 Ext. 11321