Medical Rotations

Medical Rotations in Colombia are conceived as a period of one year of academic internship for Medicine students in health institutions (Hospitals and clinics), prior to their graduation.

Please send the application documents at least 6 weeks prior to your arrival to the following email addresses:

General requirements

  • Student's application letter requesting the rotation.
  • Grade certification of all undergraduate studies prior to the application date.
  • Medical Insurance with full coverage in Colombia.
  • Contact information of the Academic Director or Rotations Coordinator at home institution.
  • B1 level of Spanish certified by the home university.
  • Request form

* Students coming from non-partner universities must pay USD$120 fee that includes welfare university cost and internship per week.

Every international student who wants to do a medical rotation in Colombia must follow the appropriate migratory procedure -according to the country of origin- that authorices him/her to enter the country as a student. The "tourist" migratory status does not allow this kind of academic activity, thus constituting monetary sanction for the student and preventing him/her from carrying out the rotation.

Documents for download


Contact information

Martha Carolina Sanchez

Coordinator of Mobility and International Resources