Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom


• Reflect upon the pedagogical use of ICT tools to integrate them successfully in the EFL classroom.
• Plan, design and implement a technology-aided project to optimize the resources available in EFL teachers’ work context.
• Explore and analyze different ways in which technology can be used in the language learning classroom from a critical perspective according to the needs of the EFL teachers’ work context.



Current society challenges education and teachers to incorporate ICTs in the classroom. This reality creates a tension when articulating the curriculum, the tools and teachers’ and students’ needs, lacks and wants in the EFL setting. Thus, the purpose of this course is to prepare EFL teachers to get to know and use the technological developments available in their settings aiming at successful learning and teaching outcomes.



1. ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in EFL.
2. Connected educators.
3. Instructional Design Models for technology integration.
4. Pedagogy and educational technology.
5. Towards the development of collaborative autonomy.
6. Online assessment and evaluation.
7. Ethics in technology use.
8. Pedagogical experience of ICT integration.


September 02 - October 30 2019.



40 hours: Virtual (4 virtual synchronous hours via Black Board Collaborate - 36 virtual asynchronous hours in Virtual Sabana).





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