Conflict, corruption and climate change: Business and academy challenges

“In recent years, worrying trends have been observed in the Latin America and Caribbean region, including the erosion of human rights and the weakening of governance structures. Many countries are experiencing a rise in violent crime and insecurity and a clamp down on the free expression of activists, journalists and civil society organizations”

Transparency International

Global Corruption Barometer, October 2017

People and Corruption: Latin America and the Caribbean


As an object of study in the area of Management, the organization can be viewed as a divergent space that can be managed and developed. It is a complex social system, subject to increased uncertainty and opportunity. This has opened the door for scholars to address the achievements and failures of the collective purpose of management within organizations. Thus, the different social phenomena and conflicts have ended up permeating organizational behavior and led organizations to search for strategies to adapt and discover answers which could provide some level of certainty over time.

The organizations and companies of Iberoamerica are no strangers to these forces, specifically the social, economic and political dynamics arising in each country. Disturbingly high levels of corruption have damaged the reputation of government systems and companies involved in these corrupt acts. As this corruption has come to highlight the very role of the relationship between companies and governments as a driving force of society and a generator of wealth has come to be questioned. At the same time, new challenges are appearing on the horizon: consumers and citizens in general have assumed an important role as overseers of organizational performance in terms environmental impact and are frequently linked to the development of social processes with projects that favor the welfare of the stakeholders over economic gain.

It is this opportunity of change that will serve as the stage for a dialog among scholars, representatives of the private and public sectors and entrepreneurs attending the 11th Conference of Iberoamerican Academy of Management. Attendees will explore these social problems and other issues affecting organizations while also exploring innovative answers from the perspective of different sectors, disciplines and approaches. We seek to address these issues not only from an academic research approach, but from the experiences, training and skills of current and future business and social leaders.

It is with this goal in mind that the Iberoamerican Academy of Management invites academics and practitioners across all management disciplines rating high on theoretical and methodological rigor to submit papers for our 11th conference in Bogotá, Colombia from December 4th-6th, 2019.

Although we welcome all papers, the Academy is particularly interested in papers focusing on multi-level phenomena and those which respond to the challenges and opportunities facing our rapidly evolving world. It has been suggested that an exclusive micro or macro lens will yield an incomplete understanding of the phenomenon under study and that multi-level research is needed to address the levels of theory, measurement and analysis required to fully appreciate the questions we are facing (Hitt, Beamish, Jackson, & Mathieu, 2007). Selected papers will be invited for publication in “Management Research”, the journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management.