Fashion Marketing introduces participants to the fundamentals of fashion marketing and prepares them for a marketing career in the field of fashion. Participants will develop skills in such areas as fashion economics, marketing segmentation and target marketing, promotion, and retailing and distribution.

Besides covering fashion marketing fundamentals, the course addresses the latest business and retail trends, technology innovations, and new retail formats and business models related to fashion for satisfying the ever-changing fashion market, as well as much talked about issues related to fashion, including social and environmental challenges for the clothing industry.

Temas Principales

  • Fashion Marketing and how it works
  • Profitable customer relationships
  • Global Fashion Marketplace
  • Fashion consumer and business buyer behavior
  • Fashion marketing strategy and information
  • Branding strategies for fashion goods and services
  • New fashion products and monitoring their life cycles
  • Pricing: Identifying and promoting customer value
  • Fashion marketing channels and supply chain management
  • Fashion wholesaling and retailing (from a marketing viewpoint)
  • Communicating fashion's value through promotion 
  • Promoting fashion through personal selling and direct marketing 
  • Fashion advertising, sales promotion, and public relations

 Idioma: inglés   No. horas: 36

 Horario: 9:00 a.m. a 1:00 p.m.

 Inicio: martes 4 de junio Fin: viernes 14 de junio

Iris Mohr, Ph.D
St. John's University, USA


  • AE: Electiva – 3 créditos
  • ANI: Electiva de énfasis – 3 créditos
  • AMLI: Electiva de énfasis – 3 créditos
  • A&S: Electiva – 2 créditos
  • EYFI: Electiva – 2 créditos
  • GAS: Electiva – 3 créditos