This course discusses customer experience in the context of services. Today we are living in an experience economy, where experience is becoming not only the key driver for customer loyalty but also the new competitive battlefield across products and services. Customer Experience Management includes managing the customers experience holistically across a customer’s journey from pre-purchase through service encounter to post purchase. The course will discuss customer emotions, life cycle and “touchpoints” through the customer journey that are critical to managing profitable customer relationships.

While delivering customer experience is a top priority for many organizations, it is easier said than done. The course provides an opportunity for participants to view the systematic process of designing and delivering customer experience focusing both on people and processes.

Temas Principales

  • Service Excellence
  • Focusing on people and processes
  • Customer Experience
  • Understanding the science of customer emotions
  • Customer Journey Management
  • Delivering excellent customer experience
  • Measuring the effectiveness of CX programs
  • Service-Dominant Logic

 Idioma: inglés   No. horas: 32

 Horario: 9:00 a.m. a 1:00 p.m.

 Inicio: martes 4 de junio Fin: jueves 13 de junio

Sapna Popli, Ph.D
Institute of Management Technology (IMT), India


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