Academic Information

  • La Sabana's Latin American Studies Program is aimed at students and young professionals from varying disciplines. If you are interested in learning more about Latin America from various perspectives such as business, economics, international relations, political sciences, international studies or cultural studies, this Program is great for you.
  • You can choose one of the courses offered each year.
  • If authorized by your home institution, this program can be recognized as part of your studies as you will receive a transcript of records. You will be required to complete a final assessment for the course that may vary depending on the course and may include research papers, oral presentations, class participation, etc.
  • Language of instruction: English, minimun level required for students: B1/B2.

This program is hosted by the School of Law and Political Sciences at Universidad de La Sabana. In this course, you will learn negotiation skills and will understand the particularities of the process within Colombia and Latin America. Using the FARC negotiation process as an example, you will not only learn how to reach successful agreements within the region, but also gain a critical view towards the Latin American mindset, culture, realities and needs from a relationship-building point of view.

This course is highly practical and includes the following learning methodologies: Readings, tailored lectures, investigation, face-to-face practice exercises, virtual practice exercises, discussion, case study, and presentations. Each class includes practice exercises.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Colombian negotiation and conflict management perspective 
  • Negotiation Techniques 
  • Psychological Analysis of Negotiation
  • Neurological Analysis of Negotiation
  • Generating Options through MESOs (Multiple Equivalent Simultaneous Offers)
  • Colombian and Latin American Negotiation
  • Intercultural Negotiation applied to Latin American scenarios. The Colombian FARC negotiation process

The Instructor

Juan del Valle internacionalizaciónThe course will be led by Juan del Valle, a Colombian attorney, LLM in U.S. Law from Washington University in St. Louis, USA, certified in Negotiation Skills training at Harvard University, USA, University of Windsor, Canada, the State Bar of California through TWZ, USA, who is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in Education in Leadership and Organizational Psychology at Aspen University, USA. Juan Del Valle is a faculty member from the School of Law and Political Sciences at La Sabana and adjunct professor at Washington University in St. Louis, USA. Additionally, Juan is an associate professor of the International Institute of Management (IIM), USA, where he designed the negotiation course for corporate leaders.

This program is hosted by the School of Communication. According to BMI Research, an emerging market analysis firm, the fashion market in Latin America is bigger than the Middle East and growing as fast as Asia (Business of Fashion, 2017). Fashion Weeks and Trade Shows in Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Peru and Colombia are now making the headlines of the most relevant fashion publications such as Vogue and ELLE. In this course, you will learn about the outlook of Latin American fashion industry, its growth, evolution, characters and career opportunities. 

The course will cover the following topics:

  • - The Meaning of the Concept of Fashion
  • The Language of Fashion
  • The Fashion System: From Design Process to Consumers
  • Latin American Fashion History: The Evolution of Style
  • The Identity in Latin American Fashion
  • The Growth and Consolidation of Latin American Fashion Industry
  • The Future of Latin American Fashion: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Fashion Brands: The Relationship between Identity and Image
  • Communication Strategies for Latin American Fashion Brands

Each class is designed to create a different experience. Therefore, the course will include: field work, tailored lectures, at least one guest speaker, workshops, literature & video seminars and in depth projects of design, as well as presentations and cross critics. 

The instructor

Camila VillamilThe course will be led by Camila Villamil Navarro, a Colombian Social Communicator and Journalist from La Sabana who has more than 5 years of experience working in the fashion industry as a fashion consultant, content creator and social media strategist.

Thanks to its blog, Camila has worked with many fashion and beauty brands and has been invited to the most important fashion weeks in Latin America and the United States. Additionally, Camila has worked as a reporter for women's magazines.

Currently, Camila is a professor of Fashion Journalism and Fashion and Contemporary Image at La Sabana.