Exploring the world and Its mysterious wonders

This course will give students a chance to explore and discover the five continents and its natural wonders and mysteries. Students will travel around the world through movies, magazines, articles, images and the variety of resources offered by National Geographic since its origins. Students will contribute to the exploration of natural wonders around the world from their own perspectives and perceptions. This course aims at providing students with the chance of taking a trip in each class and getting to know wonderful places and their history, mysteries, myths and legends. The course will be divided into two terms; the first term will be devoted to exploring natural wonders in America and Europe. The second term will be devoted to exploring natural wonders in Asia and Africa.


Our planet has innumerable wonders that have been studied all along history and which are not familiar to us due to distances, contexts, and cultural differences that frame our lifestyle. In our globalized world, it is now possible to have access to different knowledge sources and National Geographic brings to us the possibility of exploring the world through its wonderful collection of resources.

General Objective

To provide students with geographical, historical and cultural knowledge related to the world, its wonders and mysteries.


The course will be led by one professor. Guest speakers with international experience around the world will be invited to chat about natural wonders. Students are going to read articles and authentic material, watch videos, movies and pictures that will provide them with elements to have discussions and academic socialization in and out of the classroom. Students will also have the chance to manipulate material from national geographic related to the topics being studied in each session. The contents of the classroom will be developed based on the characteristics of specific continents.

Course contents

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