TESOL Colombia III: Going beyond Theory: Rejuvenating Literacies, Culture, and Language Pedagogy was held at the Universidad de La Sabana campus in Chía, Colombia on 16–18 May 2019. This year’s conference focused on areas of innovation, research, and development in language learning and teaching.

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This track is focused on new approaches and practices to English-language teaching and for the English-language classroom.

This track is focused on integrating English-language learning with learners’ abilities to make effective use of information and communications technologies and content.

This track is focused on harnessing the power of communities of practice (CoP) for educators and/or students to create enabling environments for the development of effective educational approaches and practical skills for English-language learning.

This track focuses on the dynamic, socially-determined, and multidimensional uses of English that learners may encounter in their present and/or future daily lives as they use the language for various social, professional, academic, and everyday purposes.

This track is focused on formal and informal approaches to fostering expertise in professional educator for improved student outcomes and greater career satisfaction.

This track is focused on innovative of uses assessment and evaluation of English-language learning and learners in a variety of educational contexts, to better inform and enhance language teaching and learning.

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How did the event go?

TESOL Colombia III has established itself as the most important event for English teachers at the national level, and with great visibility in the international arena.

TESOL International (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) is the most important international association in the world in the field of teaching and learning languages. Its objective is to update English teachers on topics related to technology, methodology, didactics and recent research in the field of language education. TESOL Colombia is affiliated with TESOL International.

The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Universidad de La Sabana President, Obdulio Velásquez Posada, and Ivonne González de Pindray, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Cultures.

"It is no surprise that the best performing economies in the world, from the list of non-English speaking countries, are also those with the best results in English language evaluations."  Obdulio Velásquez Posada, President. 


"It is a reality that the world is moving fast and has become very demanding. If educational institutions do not evolve and keep that pace, they will be let behind and will probably disappear." Ivonne González de Pindray, Head of  the Foreign Languages and Cultures Department. 

"I learnt how to work with all cultures. You need to be in all cultures and see what you can learn from each of them. "Aziz Abu Sarah, Explorer and Cultural Educator of National Geographic Learning.

"Maybe we should take more time to reflect and not just take steps, sometimes it's too much information and it causes distraction" Dr. Aga Palalas.

"Go beyond traditional test models, focus on the learners, on their well-being, both emotionally and professionally." Dr. Sandra Gudiño

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