Language is oftentimes taken for granted, where learners do not have access to the language needed to successfully operate in the classroom tasks and activities. This course will help participants better understand the role functional and academic language plays in the CLIL class, where the focus will be on developing learner communication, identifying the language demands involved in the CLIL classroom, describing parts of speech and grammatical structures. Participants will analyze existing materials and identify the subject- specific language & functional language needed for the success of that lesson.

Date:  26 July - 13 August 

Price: $960,000 COP / $267 USD aprox.


Planning a CLIL lesson requires certain skills and competences since you must combine both language and content. Several aspects need to be considered to successfully plan a good CLIL lesson. The course will provide tools and templates to design clear CLIL (content & language) objectives, the importance of having a range of good activities, and step-bystep procedures for CLIL planning. Read-made templates and tools will be provided so that participants can easily adjust to their teaching context.

Date: 20 September - 1 October

Price: $720,000 COP. / $200USD aprox.

The course provides participants with an overall understanding of the principles of CLIL in relation to assessment and evaluation. Participants will better understand the differences between formative and summative assessment, task types and design, incorporating authentic material. This course includes templates, examples and models of assessment instruments.

Date: 2 November - 10 November

Price: $ 480.000 COP / 133 USD aprox.

The course will help participants deepen on issues regarding self-direction, integration of tech tools, material design, assessment and ethics in using technology. It also helps participants be part of a professional community that grows with the help of others through the participation in the activities proposed.

Date: 17 August - 23 August

Price: $360.000 COP - 100 USD aprox.

This micro-course presents best practices in the ELT classroom as well as behavior management – incorporating strategies for time management, materials, and classroom space to strategies for managing individual and large group student behaviors, transitions, lab activities, and other interactive arrangements for online and F2F teaching environments in general and special education. This course will prepare participants to increase their confidence, while engaging with learners.

Date: 23 August - 10 September

Price: $960.000 COP ./ 267 USD aprox.

La gamificación es una metodología donde se pone en práctica los elementos del juego dentro y fuera del aula de clase. La mayoría de los docentes asocia la gamificación con simplemente jugar o llevar actividades lúdicas para la clase, pero la gamificación no es sólo eso. Jugar es solo una característica de esta metodología. Algunos piensan que para gamificar la clase es necesario saber de programación o de informática y esto tampoco es necesario. Este micro-curso va dirigido a docentes que enseñan una lengua extranjera y se pretende presentar una metodología que puede o no involucrar las TIC, para gamificar una clase, un contenido o la materia completa y de este modo hacer clases más dinámicas, que despierten la motivación en los alumnos y sobre todo tener un aprendizaje más significativo en los estudiantes. 

Date: 11 October - 25 October

Price: $ 480.000 COP/ 133 USD aprox.

The Teacher Training Portfolio of the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures of the University of La Sabana has changed for you. Now all courses have been divided by modules and each module is a new unique course, with no requirements or established order. You can take the course you want, obtain a micro-certificate for each course completed and expand your portfolio of skills in our Certificates platform. Some of our courses are part of a Series of courses in which you will earn a certificate.


A digital badge is an online representation or indicator of a skill you have developed through a course.


A course series is a grouping of courses in a specific topic. You will earn a Certificate by taking all the courses of the series.

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