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TESOL Colombia  

Founder, TESOL Colombia  

A meeting point for all stakeholders in the field of English Language Teaching at all levels throughout the country, as a way to encourage professional development, professional cooperation, to promote high quality academic standards in ELT while promoting the exchange of ideas and resources at both the national and international level within the framework of mutual respect between all stakeholders -students, teachers, administrators and Government entities involved in ELT. 

TESOL Colombia website


TESOL Latam  

Founder, TESOL Latam. A community with hundreds of teachers, sharing materials to work with their students, changing the face of education. At TESOL Latam, is a place to share, discuss, and learn from teachers who face the same challenges. TESOL Latam promotes collaboration and communication to make the region stronger in TESOL, joining efforts and holding hands throughout the continent. 


CLIL Symosium  

Co-Founder, CLIL Symposium 

An initiative between Universidad de La Sabana (Chía, Colombia), Universidad del Norte (Barranquilla, Colombia) and Pearson Education Colombia to create a community, both national and international on best practices, research and collaboration related to the implementation of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). To date, 8 successful international biennial symposiums have been held with scholars from around the world. 

CLIL Symposium website

French Symposium


1ère Rencontre internationale sur la recherche en didactique du français: FLE, FOS, FLM, FLS 

Cette première rencontre internationale sur la recherche en didactique du français, a pour but de réunir des enseignants de français de divers horizons, autour du partage de leurs savoir-faire. 

Este primer encuentro internacional sobre la investigación en didáctica del francés tiene como objetivo reunir a los profesores de diversos horizontes alrededor del intercambio de saber hacer.  



Book chapters


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